Nuthera | Benefits Of Nuthera
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Benefits Of Nuthera

On-Site & Clinical Use

Patients or practitioners can use Nuthera on-site to have long distance video chats with specialists and professionals in other locations. You can use your own devices or Nuthera can provide them with your app pre-installed and configured.

How it works
  • Patient Case Created

    A case is created for the patient and practitioner by an administrator, and they're given their own unique login to access their case.

  • Patient Visits Clinic

    The patient can come to the clinic and make use of your devices, providing an easy way to connect them with outside specialists and your own practitioners.

  • Video Chat & Messaging

    The patient and the specialist have a video chat or send messages to each other, and the local practitioner can join the patient if necessary.

Use Nuthera Anywhere

Each organization or practice that uses Nuthera receives their own branded apps and web application that patients, practitioners, and administrators can access from anywhere – even their own devices.

How it works
  • User Accounts Created

    Administrators create secure accounts for patients and practitioners, each with their own cases.

  • Install/Visit Your App

    Using their unique accounts, patients and practitioners can access your Nuthera installation from your own branded app or in their web browsers.

  • Video Chat & Messaging

    Patients and Practitioners can send messages, schedule appointments, share documents, and have video sessions at the time and location that's convenient for them.