Nuthera | Features
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Patient & Practitioner Features

Built with ease of use in mind  for both patients and practitioners, Nuthera focuses on providing a system that just works.

Video Chat

Video Chat

High quality video chat connects providers and patients face to face as easily as pressing a button.

Document Sharing

Document Sharing

Share documents between providers and patients easily using Nuthera’s secure document sharing system.

Private Messaging

Private Messaging

Patients and Practitioners can send private messages to each other as often as needed.

  • Patient Accounts

    Patients have their own credentials to access the platform at any time, from anywhere.

  • Technical Support

    Fully supported by a talented team of developers and technicians with fast response times.

  • Secure & Private

    Highly secured with 256 bit AES encryption and SSL certifications and ongoing security updates.

  • Universal Dashboard

    A dashboard that allows patients to connect to their provider, share documents, and video chat.

Additional Practitioner Features

  • Training

    We offer and include training from our knowledgeable support staff and because Nuthera was designed to be as simple to use as possible, one training session is often all that is needed.

  • Provider Dashboard

    The provider dashboard is designed for easy navigation and visual appealing to allow the provider to comfortably connect to their patient, hold video chats, and access any documents.

  • Case Management

    Providers can be optionally allowed access to manage their own intake process, where they can create patient accounts and cases without the involvement of an administrator.

Administrator & Case Manager Features

Administrators and Case Managers have powerful tools to manage both cases and users.

  • Group Cases

    Nuthera supports group cases of up to 50 people, which administrators and providers can create. In group cases, there are additional video chat formats meant to facilitate communications between large groups more effectively.

  • Dedicated White Label

    Organizations that use Nuthera have their own virtual private server with customized branding and web address of their choosing. This allows Nuthera to seamlessly integrate into organizations and give patients and providers a sense of familiarity.

  • Report Functionality

    Reports can be created to track any metric of data regarding patient and practitioner use, giving organizations better analytical tools. Case logs also allow for auditing actions in any case.

  • Provider and Patient Control

    Administrators have the ability to add both providers and patients to the Nuthera system, as well as update their relevant information.

  • Multi-Practitioner Capability

    Organizations can have as many practitioners on Nuthera as they require with each of them receiving their own private log in and dashboard for managing their patients.

  • User Roles and Permissions

    Set permissions for each administrator/intake manager based on their user role, and restrict access to features as necessary.

Nuthera works everywhere

No app installation is required. Your users can simply follow a link to use Nuthera on smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops computers. The experience has been tailored for each device to be incredibly easy to use and simple to understand.

Easy Access

Patients and providers can use the web app on their own devices.

Simple To Use

A streamlined experience to make online interactions a breeze.

Custom Branding

Branding, logos, and colors for your installation to match your organization.

Use Anywhere

Use the web app anywhere with an internet connection.

On Site Use

Use tablets on-site to create a streamlined experience.

Secure & Private

Each installation prioritizes strong security and privacy features.