Nuthera | Connecting health practitioners and patients online
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Your organization’s telehealth online platform for connecting with patients remotely.

Nuthera is a white label platform that allows practitioners to connect with patients from anywhere. It combines video chat, private messaging, and file sharing with a powerful case management system to provide a complete solution for any organization.

Secure & Private

Nuthera is secured using SSL certificates, 256 bit AES encryption, and uses direct peer to peer video connections. That means that all audio and video go straight to the person you are chatting with, not through a server. We follow all Canadian health information privacy regulations, and are HIPAA compliant.

High Quality Video

Unlike most other video chat technology such as Skype, peer to peer video connection means that video and audio do not need to be processed by a server in the middle, which can degrade the video or audio and slow things down. Nuthera's video & audio quality scales automatically with your internet speed, all the way up to HD.

Simple to Use

Nuthera has been designed from the ground up to be as simple as possible to use, for all types of users. Practitioners and clients can easily login, select their case, and start chatting immediately. Administrators have their own intuitive dashboard for managing cases and users.

A dedicated telehealth platform for your organization

Organizations that use Nuthera each have their own dedicated server using a web address of their choosing. Nuthera can be customized and branded throughout to be consistent and fit in seamlessly with your organization.

Multiple Platform Accessibility

Nuthera is compatible with all recent IOS and Android devices. No installation is required, users can simply follow a link where a tailored experience has been created for all device types in-browser. No matter what your device is you have ability to access and utilize Nuthera.

Freedom of Location

Nuthera is can be accessed from any smartphone or tablet. This gives practitioner and patient the freedom to utilize Nuthera from any location, ranging from the convenience of your home to the comfort of your office.

Branded White Labelling

We understand that your brand matters to your patients, that it builds trust and confidence. That’s why every installation of Nuthera is white labelled entirely to match your brand, from typography to color palette, logos and imagery.

Canadian Owned & Operated

Nuthera is a Canadian company based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan that serves organizations across the country. We have our own in-house infrastructure so that your data is safe, secure, and fully compliant with Canadian regulations.

Reports and Logs

Get reports on statistics such as active cases, turnover, closed cases and more. Nuthera has built in audit logs for nearly every possible action on the platform, which means that administrators are able to track changes to cases and users as well as add their own logs and notes as needed.

Fully Supported

Nuthera comes fully supported by a team of professionals, as we know how important it is that things run smoothly in the mental health industry. 24 hour phone support is available, in order to best serve organizations around the clock. We pride ourselves on having an extremely low rate of support calls, as Nuthera has been built for ease of use and reliability.

How does Nuthera work?

Different roles for different users.

Nuthera provides user roles that give each user access to the features that they need, creating a unique experience for every role.

Learn more about the user roles and what each can do below.

  • Practitioner Features

    Practitioner Features

    See what it's like to use Nuthera as a Health Practitioner.

    Learn More
  • Client/Patient Features

    Client/Patient Features

    See what it's like to use Nuthera as a Client.

    Learn More
  • Administrator Features

    Administrator Features

    See what it's like to use Nuthera as an Administrator.

    Learn More

Learn more by booking a demo and see what Nuthera can do for your organization! Contact us by clicking the button to the right, or give us a call at +1 (306) 665-7885.